BREACH cyclus

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The Breach NFT cyclus offers a seven-folded perspective on the live AV performance, diving into chaotic systems and creating a manifestation of events of protests and riots across the globe. The works create an ever-looping build up and release of tension, anger and energy in a new form of pitch black electronics and dense polyrhythmic structures. Utilising electromagnetic recordings of communication devices and found footage of uproars Breach establishes intense loops on the verge of breaking into chaos. “BREACH sloganeers: Your anger is a gift. BREACH unleashes: what was kept pent up, creeping slow like glacier ice, but advancing surely as the scorching lava that entombed Herculaneaum. Leaving behind the spiked blast of unloading, BREACH does not represent – fashions disruptive events: compositions of chaos in flux. BREACH breathes the frantic fumes and pulsates with the moving noises of electromagnetic rebels in the streets: this, the density of today. For BREACH is manifest.” [words by Sven Schlijper-Karssenberg]