It feels like home

It feels like home

Live Simulation/ Performative Virtual Sculpture 2021 soundscape by Alexander Martinz “It feels like home" is an interactive, performative and generative virtual sculpture. Like a clock, it goes through hourly and algorithmic transformations, becoming a performative process that continuously produces unexpected and unpredictable results that depends on each visitor’s offline time-zone. Especially after these years of pandemic, locked inside and constantly online, the notions of time, home and personal space feel in constant change and contradiction, helplessly transient. “It feels like home” was initially commissioned by HeK (House of electronic Arts Basel) for the series of online artworks “HeK Net Works” from 11.05.2021 to 08.06.2021 HINTS: x Every hour, a new body appears in the scene. x The amount of bodies depends on your local time. x The local time and additional information will also appear every hour for few seconds. x At every change of hour, the gravity of the virtual space as well as the light intensity changes in a random way. x With your cursor you can drag the bodies around the bedroom.

Edition of 30

Medium: WEB | 100x100pct | 33.1MB. Minted on: Monday, January 17, 2022.



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