KILLKILLKILLKILLKILLQUEEN/5C6H7O9X8M4xN4vUXKpM-lV7kjB [2.15/7:14:37 PM] Boson: why did you choose to not give the [2.15/7:14:37 PM] <Boson> he should have paid more attention [2.15/7:14:49 PM] Boson: and his wife and kids were there in that time and in that world [2.15/7:14:59 PM] Boson: the people were better in that world, because of that [2.15/7:15:10 PM] Boson: with him [2.15/7:15:15 PM] Boson: and the people are still here, and can say so. but the world is a world with very limited resources. [2.15/7:15:19 PM] Boson: so people here should have been able to make decisions [2.15/7:15:27 PM] Boson: which have nothing to do with ethics [2.15/7:15:29 PM] Boson: and do not act at all "The community I work for on Kotaku now has nearly 80% of the original" ULTRAKILL IS THE BEST FUCKING FPS GAME

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